Saturday, June 14, 2014

Skeptic Action instructions

These are the Skeptic Action instructions.

When you are following @SkepticAction on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, you will receive a message a day with minimal instructions to follow a task that should only take you a few minutes to complete.

Generally it will look like this ...

Read - Rate - Comment (use WoT & Rbutr)

WoT means Web of Trust.   Here are the WoT Instructions from Tim Farley of what it is and why it is important.  To "rate" a site you first must download WoT to your browser (its free) and open an account (it's quick).  Over 105 million people have downloaded WoT.  BEFORE you add a WoT rating you must close the black rbutr frame.  

  • You do not have to vote if you are not comfortable doing so.
  • Please read the website you are presented with.
  • You do not have to vote in both categories.
  • I am not telling you how to vote.  
Rbutr is really taking off with our team.  It is easy to use. Remember that most Wikipedia pages make it really simple to find a way of rbutring a page.  When you open a target page you will see a black rbutr frame at the top of the page.  You will be able to add rbutrs from this frame.  BEFORE you add a WoT rating you must close the black rbutr frame. 

We are using the in front of every URL instead of the "do not link" software. This speeds rating up, and still does not give the webpage the click view and raise the target's profile.  

Instructions for Rbutr are here.  

Shane Greenup has made a video special for Skeptic Action members.

FishBarrel is next.  We are growing and making real changes.  Instructions from Tim Farely on what this is, with video explaining how to use it.


If you have suggestions please reply here

This project was created by Susan Gerbic, inspiration by Tim Farley.

UPDATE 6/13/14 - We have added to the front of every target URL.

UPDATE 10/30/13 - Have set the goal of 1,000 Skeptic Action followers by New Years 2015.  It is very helpful for members to retweet or share the "target" for the day, it should really help us grow.

UPDATE 9/10/13 - Now at 641 followers. Adding FishBarrel to the project (they currently have 262 users)
The Skeptic Wire (based in Texas) is joining forces with Skeptic Action here is a interview with me promoting our project.  Also WoT is only rating Trust and Child. It has changed to a color and word, no more numbers.

UPDATE 8/13/13 - We now have Skeptic Action on Google Plus and Facebook.  And between all 3 accounts we are very close to hitting 600 members by the end of August.  Way Cool!

UPDATE 6/19/13 - New video explaining WoT at 42:53. @Krelnik